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 Erin's Story
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Residential Listing Specialist

I started out in life as most, happily balanced emotionally and physically.   Negotiating the world with a true sense of accomplishment, just having finished college and working my certification in the medical field.  Loving my career choice.  Working hard, volunteering and travelling to new places, just enjoying life.

Then life gave me a couple truck load of lemons.  More than anyone could expect.  Workplace injury followed by motor vehicle injuries. During this long period, I was introduced to many levels of life. 


Navigating, while injured, a tangled and intricate web weaved throughout the healthcare system.  Still injured and being shuffled through three mammoth jurisdictions of WCB, Long Term Disability and ICBC.  I had many low points to overcome physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Each department one by one skillfully navigated me into multiple appeal processes.  Life was torturous and a real nightmare living and breathing the dark side of insurance companies, fighting for care. 


The degree of disability differed depending on the surgeries or medical procedures.  From being bedridden, to wheelchair dependent or relying on crutches and living in a home with modifications.  Then there was the outside world.

During my struggles and physical deficiencies, I experienced many odd behaviors and incidences. Some that have stayed with me as they were appalling & outrageous.

Disability etiquette is so important.  Everyone should be treated equally; endorsed by our human rights.  People are so quick to profile, size up or evaluate with common stigmas.  Please note, a lot of life-threatening disabilities are not even visual. Plus disability does not discriminate against gender, age or race. 


Further to my very own physical disabilities, my loved ones lived with their own difficulties.


My child, as a preemie, was born with respiratory disease later turning into severe asthma.  I have come to practice and go over and beyond "standard precautions" all year round, not just around the flu and cold season.  This advanced practice can also provide quality service to elderly and medically fragile families who have a compromised immune system.


My late grandfather coped with visual impairment mid life onward. His journey began with gradual loss, to significantly reduced vision, to abrupt loss of sight.  I made it my mission to remove barriers, create solutions, and expand on all possibilities for him.  He lived independently, at his home, for nearly two decades. He was truly an inspiration. 


It is of utmost importance to have an encouraging approach to challenging situations while reducing risks.   


It is solely to my physical misfortunes and my loved ones that I naturally equate to disability needs, barriers, elderly and medically fragile families.  I have chosen to further educate myself to become a specialist to help represent the ones who need specific oversight and protection during the real estate process.  


My dual certification; along with, clinical experience, and firsthand experience advanced me into a position within my range of capabilities for such representation.  Some may encounter occasional roadblocks during the aging process or some may sustain a long term setback.  So, I am here to help you and your family factor those in.

I have 5 years of advocacy practise in Residential Tenancy Hearings, and other

administrative tribunals and boards that deal with disputes over the interpretation and

application of laws and regulations.


Over 20 years knowledge and experience with home modifications for aging-in-place, common remodeling projects and solutions to common barriers. Skilled to collaborate with an occupational therapist, licensed contractor, or interior designer; with building and design strategies and techniques for creating attractive, barrier-free living spaces. Adept to provide information about building codes, standards, useful products, and resources.

I am Greater Vancouver's Premier SRES®, I proudly hold the National Association of Realtors; Senior's Real Estate Specialist®, SRES® Designation.


Additional benefits of understanding additional needs come from; Fraser Health, RCAHS Certificate; 8 Categories Multi-level/Complex Care.


Further rewards of partnering with a Full Leverage Realtor® is my training and education through the AI Institute of Vancouver; Business Communications, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service Project Management, Conflict Resolution, Negations & Risk Management.


I am here as a pillar, understanding additional needs, where it counts.  My services are not limited to people with such circumstances, rather a gift I can offer.

Always Tailored

Erin Turner, SRES®

My Education 
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UBC Sauder School of Business

Real Estate Licensing - Fundamentals of Law, Local Government Law, Law of Agency, The Law of Contract & Contracts for Real Estate Transactions, The Real Estate Services Act, Estates and Interests in Land, Commercial and Residential Tenancies.

The National Association of Realtors®  Official SRES Designation

SRES®  Senior’s Real Estate Specialist designees have unparalleled training and experience in senior’s real estate.  Covering the 50+ Market; Realities of Aging, Housing Choices, Planning Continuum for future conditions, Home Adaptions, Housing Options, Financial Position to include Taxes and available Resources.

Vancouver Community College 

Certified Nursing Assistant; Multi-level/Complex Care; Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, Observation, Inspection & Inefficiencies 8 Divisions -Interact directly with patients. Healthcare System, Healthcare Team, Ethics & Law, Resources & Community Providers, Advanced Communication - Hospice & Bedside Manner. Local Government Act(s)/Law(s) - Patients' Bill of Rights.

Art Institute of Vancouver

Business Communications (Management, Cultural Traditions & Protocols), Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management (Logistics for Local Events, Access and Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities), Risk Management, Legal Documents (Contracts, Permits & Licenses), Local Government Law – (Workplace Standards & Human Resources) 

Continued Education
National Association of Realtors, SRES® Designation, Real Estate Council of BC, Credited Courses for Residential & Commercial Properties re-licensing, RE/MAX University Credited Courses for Residential Properties, Personal Coaching & Consulting for Business Success and Growth. 
My Philosophy
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Making sure my clients feel safe, protected and understood. 

My Working Principles
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CATALYZING Solution-oriented determining the best course of action by looking closely at data and predetermined goals of her client(s). She deals in Logic and Reason.
CONVENING Connecting her clients to legal, accounting, property appraisers, estate specialists, and other experts. She can additionally connect families with healthcare experts and community resources.
DIVERSITY Families she works with (seniors, medically fragile families, people with disabilities and the visually impaired). There has been different cultural practices and she treats every family with equal respect and consideration.
DYNAMIC RANGE Divorced, widowed, married, single or adult children. Executor(s), attorney, paralegals, accountants, trustees, conservators & court personnel.
PRODUCT & MARKET Understanding the market and typically the older home for sale. Understanding the “buyer pool”. Respecting future home desires and recognizing home requirements.
RESPECTING THE PROCESS Awareness of health & safety and incorporating them into the process of the transaction.​
RELATION BUILDING Starts with a strong moral compass. Honesty and ethical judgment, ensuring her clients feel safe, protected and understood.
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“I would recommend Erin as an angel in her field. She was a powerful and essential component to my family, transforming my parents future and positively impacting their life.” 
~ Louise H.
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“Thanks to Erin's knowledge and community connections, eliminating stress and being ten steps ahead, helped us organize our direction”. 
~ Nora L.
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Making a small difference
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Making a small difference
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Making a small difference
My Experience
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My extensive career background loops through hospital and care home settings, real estate, and my personal hours trail me off to a similar cause but in the world of children and seniors. 
I've added another dimension, in the Real Estate field and am constantly looking for/at ways to better serve and support the 55+ community.
My background, the departments and framework consist of multi divisional settings in the categories noted below.

Five years of advocacy practice in the area of Residential Tenancy Hearings, and other administrative tribunals and boards that deal with disputes over the interpretation and application of laws and regulations.
Real Estate Assistant
Responsible for coordinating activities and resources. Worked closely with the Realtor® to identify and support project delivery. Tasks covering multiple subjects, including dealing with Real Estate Sales/Marketing/CRM, Client Relationship Management and Appointment Scheduling. Liaise with clients to identify and define requirements. Covered all secretarial duties. Construction coordination, less-complex standardized tasks, and administration support. Priced comparables on supply & materials. Edit written correspondence to a variety of departments.
Personal Assistant to Luxury Corporate Rentals 
Including but not limited to new agreements, amendments, terminations, and other routine agreements under the guidance of the owner/operator. In accordance with policies and guidelines supplied administrative support. Conducted routine site inspections as required to ensure compliance with agreement terms and identify unauthorized use of property. Communicate with tenants/licensees regarding agreement terms and collected signatures when applicable. Reported on deficiencies and coordinated trades and maintenance to meet project budget and deadlines. Liaise with clients to identify concerns and report with resolutions and objectives to the owner. Maintained excellent relationship with hired trades and tenant clients.
Risk Assessment 
Room-to-room home safety assessment to detect potential risks. The goal is to reduce trip hazards, slip preventions, falls, burn threats, storage avalanches and food contamination. There are specific countermeasures to prevent the above. BC Medical does not cover these safety adjustments. However, there are funding sources, organizations and alternatives available.    
Noteworthy, is the fact, nearly 80% of falls by elderly seniors is in their bathroom. Sadly, an average of 25% of elderly seniors who break a hip from a fall pass away within six months. 
Home Modifications 
Knowledgeable with home modification for aging-in-place, common remodeling projects and solutions to common barriers. Skilled to collaborate with an occupational therapist, licensed contractor or interior designer; with building and design strategies and techniques for creating attractive, barrier-free living spaces. Adept to provide information about building codes, standards, useful products and resources.
High level of skilled care and supervision is necessary for Memory Care Units or Special Care Units for individuals with dementia. Memory care units are an ideal option as supervision is provided 24 hours per day by trained nursing members. There are very specific needs and demands of dementia patients. Including knowledge of activities intended to stimulate memory, and possibly slow the disease’s progression. In addition to extra emphasis on security protocol to prevent patients from wandering.
Veteran Care
The care is moderately high level. Typically, long-term and complex care is provided to veterans from the Second World War and Korean War. Resident care is often divided into three main categories: physical support, cognitive support (early to later stage dementia care), and palliative care. Also, innovative dementia care for veteran residents who have challenging or aggressive behaviours. (To the courageous men and women who served our country in the name of peace and freedom - thank you).
Special Needs (Physical/Mental)
High level of care for physical ailments. Including behavioral/emotional disorders; challenging or aggressive behaviours due to dementia or oppositional defiance disorder.
Acute Care 1:1 (ICU *Psychiatric Care)
Greater level of care is taken in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Located in a hospital ward dedicated to the short-term management of people in an acutely disturbed phase of a serious mental disorder who cannot be safely managed in a general ward. Core features of care include a high staff to patient ratio and a secure physical environment.
Palliative Care (aka Hospice)
Unique level of care for End-of-Life. The nursing provided is supportive and compassionate care that focuses on comfort, quality of life, respect for personal health care treatment decisions, support for the family, and psychological, cultural and spiritual concerns for dying people and their families. Advanced education and skill are necessary as palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illness.
Extended Care (Geriatrics)
High level of care specifically for individuals with complex, unpredictable medical needs who require 24-hour onsite skilled nursing staff. Many require 24-hour treatment and restorative care. Residents in need of full assistance with activities of daily living by skilled nursing staff.
Intermediate Care (ADL and Comfort Measures) 
Lower to moderate level of care typically are for residents who need minimal assistance. These residents can ambulate without assistance, whether walking on their own or with an assistive device, includes wheelchair use. Residents have no memory loss and are able to make their preferences known. Nurses manage their medications and perform other regular tests, and the resident does not require complex medical monitoring
Community Participation & Involvement ​
BackPack Buddies, Combat Childhood Hunger - Active Member
Deborah Upton our CEO of RE/MAX Crest, Central and Masters’ locations got involved with Backpack Buddies in 2015. She then, championed “our” team at RE/MAX to donate over $140,000 to help bridge the weekend hunger gap for our local children. I am honored to be among a team who aided with the purchases of their delivery vans to sponsoring their Food4Thought gala multiple years in a row, the depth of leadership by Deborah is nothing short of inspiring.
Children's Miracle Network-BC Children's Hospital - Active Member
RE/MAX Canada partnered with Children’s Miracle Network in 1992, RE/MAX Canada has donated over $70 million that will help more than 5,000 children who need on-going hospital treatment. As a signed up RE/MAX agent I contribute a portion of my sales commissions to Children’s Miracle Network – a truly worthy cause. Each donation helps fund pediatric medical equipment and treatments, as well as other healthcare services.
The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada
The first wish-come-true was in 1984, which they have created joyful experiences for more than 25,000 children coping with a life-threatening illness. They are our country’s largest and only all-Canadian wish-granting charity. I am proud to be a part of a group that create joyful experiences that profoundly impact the lives of more than 1,000 children every year.
  • Annual Flight in Search of Santa, YVR, Support Representative 
  • Exile Island Challenge Event, Rmd, BC, Team Ambassador
  • Children's & Family Research Conference, Booth Representative
The Royal Canadian Legion
Volunteering near and far (Vancouver and Interior Okanagan).  Everyone benefits from a volunteer as we make a difference through this contribution. 
Participating in meaningful functions: fund raising events, meat draws, decorating for festivities and cooking.  But a favorite of mine was the enjoyment of a full dance card with the Veterans who loved to dance down memory lane. 
Seniors First BC 
I contribute a portion of my sales commissions to Seniors First BC (Formerly BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support) The people behind the non-profit charitable organization located in British Columbia are memberships made up of agencies, individuals, and volunteers. They have more than 100 members throughout BC and serve more than 200 clients per month with programs and services.
We are committed to:
  • Protecting the legal rights of older adults
  • Increasing access to justice for older adults
  • Informing the public about elder abuse; and
  • Providing supportive programs for older adults who have been abused
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