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Residential Real Estate Sales MLS & Exclusive Listings for Detached and Strata properties. & 
Risk Assessment Consultation. Buyers agent for re-sale and pre-sale properties.
Residential Property Sale (customization/tailored)  
Offered to seniors, persons with disabilities and medically fragile families. I see myself as a personal advocate and trusted advisor when directing families through their Real Estate transaction(s). When seniors or families decide to sell the family home there is more to consider than merely selling and buying. I can provide a tailored full-service property sale if needed and arrange professional assistance to the other components of the transition. Understand what is available:

planning in advance
explore modification or services
preparing the sale of your home
support program during the process
community partners
decluttering assistance
cleaning assistance
handyman assistance
moving & packing assistance
new residence setup
liaison on site day of the move
resource guide for a rich future
lifetime connection to reach out
Community Referrals
Organizations and program offerings vary widely from one community to the next, but generally provide the following kinds of services for those in need: Benefits, Programs & Resources. (hotlines, support, lawyers for BC Senior's or Persons with Disabilities) 
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As an agent, I  Do NOT:
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Perform any clinical tasks - NO 
I do not explain treatment procedures or do examinations. No nursing care.  I do not administer medication, take pulses, temperatures, blood pressures or blood sugar levels.  Absolutely no physical transfers. I am duty-bound to act within my scope of responsibilities as a Real Estate Licencee and work within the boundaries of my authority.
Make decisions for you – NO  
Instead I am here to help you understand information, issues, and/or choices.  You will need to weigh the options.  I want to ensure that decisions are based on your own preferences.
Intrude in family affairs - NO 
Please take note, I apply a 5-step system for such incidences if they shall arise.  I will first listen when someone is concerned or upset. Once I have listened to what they have to say, I may go a step further and ask questions.  Although I am clear with setting healthy boundaries.  I am also sophisticated enough to know my personal limits.  Further, I will not be a bystander of abuse.  I will be obliged to report maltreatment to the BC Elder Advocacy or the Public Guardian and Trustee Department.
Project my own beliefs onto you - NO 
I am in no position to discern whether yours vs my beliefs are right, to include, culture, history, religion, philosophy, aspirations or past experiences.
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