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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a moving company?

No, we are more than just a moving company. We are a complete “full service” transitioning care-team. Moving companies do not have our elevated skills, certificates, designations, knowledge and years of hands on experience pertaining to seniors’ additional needs and real estate. In essence, while a traditional moving company primarily deals with the logistics of physically relocating belongings, a transition company like Seniors Real Estate Solutions takes a holistic approach to support seniors through every step of the transition process, from planning and preparation to emotional well-being and decision-making.


We specialize in complex transactions and partnerships. We offer Comprehensive Assistance: While a moving company primarily focuses on physically transporting your belongings from one location to another, Seniors Real Estate Solutions offers a more comprehensive range of services. This includes helping seniors with the entire process of transitioning to a new living situation, not just the move itself. Preparation and Planning: Seniors Real Estate Solutions goes beyond just loading and moving items. We engage in thorough preparation and planning before the move. This involves tasks like sorting, purging, downsizing, pre-packing, and organizing possessions. This attention to detail ensures a smoother transition and minimizes stress for seniors. Personalized Approach: Seniors Real Estate Solutions considers both the physical and emotional needs of seniors. We create customized schedules based on seniors' abilities, ensuring a comfortable pace for the transition. This personalized approach takes into account the unique circumstances and preferences of each individual. Real Estate Services: Seniors Real Estate Solutions offers additional services such as coordinating estate sales and providing real estate assistance. Empowerment: A significant emphasis of Seniors Real Estate Solutions is on empowering seniors to make their own decisions. This indicates a focus on respecting the autonomy and preferences of the individuals undergoing the transition. This approach fosters a sense of control and independence during a potentially challenging time.

Why should we partner with SRES® Real Estate Solutions?

How you build your team from the onset will determine your overall experience.

We develop a plan for your transition, we have a multitude of community partners for comfort measures. In addition, we can identify and address situations faster and more smoothly, it allows being more receptive to the bigger picture.

Why do I need a specialist over a standard professional Realtor®?

Not every Realtor is created equally. Specialists are proven to be more committed and accountable within the industry they represent. Specialists have additional credentials, designations, experience and focus heavily on a specific area. Being certified and well educated eliminates potential problems for violations. The goal is to prevent and or relieve common stressors for the individual or family. We recognize the relevance of problem-solving solutions and strategic action plans. We only know how to build tailored-action plans that are focused on additional needs. Preventing challenges and offering the solution.

How Do I determine how much of my belongings I can bring to my new home?

Taking the time to execute a space/floor plan for your new home really helps clarify what may be best to take. We do our absolute best to creatively use the furniture that you cherish and will function best for you. After you identify and list your most prized possessions, our goal is to make it easy for you to remember and access your belongings going forward. In the event you are transitioning into assisted living, simply bridge us with your facility's key administrator so we may gather information regarding any rules/bylaws and incorporate them into your plan.

What happens to the items that are left behind?

You can tell us what you want to do with them. We have suggestions/solutions for the “stuff” that is no longer serving you. Monetizing valuables, finding meaningful homes for donations, and simply removing the rubbish. Just because something no longer serves you, does not mean it cannot serve another – trash to treasure.

How long does the process take, from the first meeting to being fully transitioned?

Depending on the nature and/or urgency of your circumstance. However, generally, the timeline is a few short weeks. We can break it into increments and move as fast or as slow as you need. Remember, our team is like a fairy Godmother you will not require to do anything accept approve and make decisions. 

My elderly parent is experiencing anxiety with the thought of moving and selling. How do you address their anxiety and mine?

Our care-team are fellow children serving mothers and fathers. We are families helping families. We are a care-team who have parents and loved ones and our group effort and cooperation brings us together to make a difference in the lives of others. We are here with compassionate hearts demonstrating our humanity towards feelings of fear and concern. We make every effort to support and counsel your family during your transition.  We believe seniors and their family deserve the same high-quality service and attention as is provided to executives.

I live out of province/overseas and cannot be available to help transition my parents. What can you do to help us?

We do everything whether you are local or abroad. Our SRES® facilitate complex timeline coordination and task execution to streamline the process efficiently. Our care-team handles the manual labour.  Your family can tell us what you want to do with unwanted items, or we have suggestions/solutions for the things that no longer of use. Our care-team communicates with updated emails, text messages, phone calls, and facetime. As an advocate for your loved one you are part of the care-team.

How fast can you move us?

The downsizing, pack-up, move-out, unpack, and set-up can usually be accomplished in 7-10 days from the date of the consultation. We can do this as our care-tram is dedicated solely for seniors whom are transitioning and not outsourcing multiple companies. Our care-team is reliable and dedicated and a date can be scheduled during the consultation.

What do I have to do on the day of the move?

Entirely nothing at all! We encourage you to take a deep breath, walk away and meet us at your new place. When you arrive at your new place, we will have your bed ready for you to kick your feet up and tell us what pictures you would like to be hung on which wall. Your job is to get great pleasure of having the care-team bring life to your new space.

How many days does it the entire process take?

This will need to be assessed during our on-site free consultation; however, we are always prepared for short timelines when the family is in need. On average we need two (2) days for downsizing and packing. The next day the movers come to load up the belongings for transport. The cleaning team will arrive later in the day (sometimes the following day) to commence the Realtor ready move-out clean. Moving day and set-up in the new space is the same day. Professional photography and marketing follows thereafter.

What can you do as I am concerned about my pet during my move?

We love our furry friends too! We are happy to factor your pet's wellbeing into your moving plans. We will incorporate a Safe Space during the move. On moving day just designate a quiet and secure space for your pet to reduce stress during the hustle and bustle of moving activities. We will apply the Pet-Safe Moving Process, ensuring that door or gate are properly secured to prevent your pets from accidentally escaping. Also, we keep in mind that some pets may be scared by the noise and activity of moving, so minimizing their exposure to these stressful situations have always been considered.

What if we don’t own real estate property and we need to downsize and transition?

Our dedication to understanding, empathy, and comprehensive service sets us apart as a valuable resource for seniors in our community. Our impact extends beyond mere real estate transactions – we are facilitating life-changing transitions that enhance the lives of seniors and contribute to their overall happiness and well-being and for that reason alone our downsizing services are accessible.

What areas do you service?

We are a trusted source for Senior Real Estate Needs and transitioning for the Greater Vancouver Area, between Squamish and Hope BC. Including Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast. We have a top tier referral program in place for areas outside of the above mentioned areas.

So where do we start?

Simply book a free consultation by calling 1-888-613-7737 (SRES) and one of our friendly intake officers will book you with your SRES coordinator within a couple of days of placing your phone call.

How much will this cost?

We guarantee the price quoted to you during the onsite consultation. There will be no surprises.

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